New title by Mo Willems

One of my favorite picture books to read to kindergarten and first grade classes is the Caldecott Honor Award winner “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” by Mo Willems. You are probably all familiar with it, but if not, it is a simple plot. The book begins with a bus driver explaining to the reader that he is taking a break from driving his bus. He then asks the reader to keep an eye on the bus, and, oh yeah, “don’t let the pigeon drive it either”. The pigeon then spends the rest of the book begging you to let him drive it. He even offers you “5 bucks” as a bribe. The kids get caught up in the hilarious responses and everyone has a good time. I was pleasantly surprised to read in Kirkus that Willems has written a new title in the pigeon series, ” The Duckling Gets a Cookie !?” and will be released on April 3rd. Keep an eye out for it!!

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