Fallen- My New YA Fiction Obsession

Photo from laurenkatebooks.net

I’ve noticed this book, Fallen by Lauren Kate, hanging out on our shelves for a couple of years now.  I’m pretty sure that I had checked it out before, but with all the other YA fiction piling up on my shelves, I did not read it and I now know that I missed out.

Our heroine, Luce, arrives at reform school to serve out her punishment for the shocking, fiery death of the boy she likes, Trevor.  The only problem is that she doesn’t really know what happened to Trevor- all she does know is that he burst into flames after he kisses her and dies.  The school is a horror- run down and dilapidated, but there are bright spots to her days in her proverbial hell. Two good friends, Penn and Arriane, plus two guy, Daniel and Cam, who absolutely fascinate Luce.  Daniel wants nothing to do with Luce, even though she knows that they have some sort of connection.  Cam is obviously smitten with her, but something about him attracts and repels her at the same time.  Luce is trying to figure out who she is amid her guilt about Trevor, the conflict among the students and staff at Sword & Cross, and these two guys seemingly playing with her emotions.  Luce soon finds out that it’s no just the present Luce that the battle is being waged over- it’s her past lives and the love affair that she has spent thousands of years dying for… over and over again.

What makes this novel interesting is that the supernatural element here is not your typical vampire/werewolf combo, but rather a look at fallen angels and the battle between angels (the side that chose God) and demons (the fallen angels that chose to side with Lucifer) that still wages today.  This book takes a unique look at religious concepts and spins them into a fascinating tale.

Lauren Kate keeps you coming back for more- she doesn’t answer all your questions, or Luce’s for that matter, in one book, but answers them over the series.  This would probably be driving me nuts if I didn’t currently have the first three books checked out.  The final book in the series is coming out in June, so I only have the wait three months!

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