Love in a Nutshell Review

I recently read the new Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly book Love in a NutshellIt was a decent quirky novel- something that you’ve come to expect from Janet EvanovichThe characters are likeable and quirky with a spoiled, overly-aggressive poodle and a three-legged dog thrown in for a little added quirkiness.  The whole premise is that Matt Culhane is a successful business in upstate Michigan who is a victim of sabotage.  Kate comes into his business, desperate for a job, and gets him to agree to give her a job, but she has to work as a spy to find the saboteur.  There are various complications (i.e. he holds the mortgage to her childhood home that she has aspirations of turning into a B&B), but they manage to fall in love.

What I found interesting was that I could tell which parts Evanovich wrote and which parts were most likely written by the other author.  Any time something completely random happened, I found myself thinking, ‘That’s such an Evanovich thing to do!’  A decent book- I give it a B-.

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