Harry Potter books available on Overdrive


I recently purchased all seven of the Harry Potter books for Kindle and Nook. The Harry Potter library ebook model is a new twist in how libraries can offer ebooks. These books can circulate as many times as possible but only for 5 years. Then we have to buy the books again.

HarperCollins famously made their library ebooks available for only 26 downloads. I prefer the Harry Potter model because people often download books and never get around to reading them. That could quickly use up 26 circulations. With many books, 5 years is long enough. After 5 years the books have fallen out of favor and you don’t want them clogging up your browsing lists. Or, after 5 years you know they are still popular and you buy them again. Or, after 5 years Overdrive doesn’t exist and it is a mute point.

Random House is still selling ebooks to libraries for the original all you can loan for as long as you want, but they have tripled their prices.  $80 for an ebook anyone?


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