Murder Abroad

When you combine an exotic locale and a mystery, it seems you have a great combination for an exciting read and a possible best seller.  Kristi Chadwick in the April 15 issue of “Library Journal,” in an article titled “Crime Travels,” details the overwhelming number of titles that will soon be released featuring a foreign setting, an interesting detective, and, of course, a murder.

The “Millennium” trilogy’s appeal in the US has probably kept the interest in Scandinavian thrillers very alive.  One new novel that will probably keep up interest in that part of the world is Camilla Ceder’s “Frozen Moment.”  Set in Sweden it introduces a new detective, Christian Tell.

Why do novels set in this part of the world continue to find a readership?  One publisher says its part of globalization.  Emily Bester, editor-in-chief at Atria, believes the appeal of Scandinavian-based novels lies in setting and mood.  The weather and landscape offer a “chilling backdrop to murder.”

Sweden, of course, is not the only murder locale in mysteries.  Chadwick mentions new titles set in Chile, Gibraltar, India, and Milan among many other places.  Maybe we should set up a display of murder mystery travel books for summer reading.  Chadwick’s article really proves “Crime Travels.

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