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The Expats

April 22, 2012

If you enjoy spy novels, The Expats by Chris Pavone is not to be missed. Kate, the protagonist, is a CIA agent who quits her D.C. job to move to Luxembourg, where her husband has accepted a profitable position as a computer security analyst. However, Kate’s life as a stay at home mom with two young boys quickly becomes complicated. Are their newly acquired friends really professional assassins? Is Dexter, her easygoing husband, committing cybercrime? Pavone’s first novel is filled with unexpected twists and intriguing subplots that keeps the reader guessing. I look forward to his next novel.


Looking for mediocre “Chick Lit”?

April 19, 2012

Then try “Another Piece of My Heart” by Jane Green. The plot is fast-paced. A woman in her late 30’s marries a man with 2 daughters. One is accepting of the new stepmother. the older sister is a horror and tries everything to cause disruption and steal her father’s attention away from the new wife.

Andi, the new wife, wants a child of her own, but is unable to conceive. When the older, difficult daughter gets pregnant at 17, she thinks this ‘problem’ may actually be a solution for everyone. But is it? Not terrific, but readable and light.  Recommended for those gaps in between looking for a better book. It will do to fill up the space.


April 19, 2012

My husband and I recently saw a new DVD “Romantics Anonymous.”  It was a light, French comedy with some odd-ball characters.  The plot revolved around workers in a chocolate factory and a new worker with a mysterious background.  The supporting actors, none of whom had any name or face recognition for us, were really wonderful.  The group therapy sessions for those who were romantically impaired were very funny.  A movie to just sit back and enjoy.

No Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

April 18, 2012

Ann Patchett in a NYT article theorized why the Pulitzer Prize Board did not award a prize for fiction this year. She concluded that either a consensus couldn’t be reached or that none of the finalists were deemed worth of the prize.

She believes that most readers will come to the conclusion that “it was a bum year for fiction.”  She takes issue with that conclusion because in her opinion there were so many good books published this year, including her latest effort “State of Wonder,” which was in the running for the prize.  Jane Smiley on her Facebook page also expressed regret that this was the decision reached by the Pulitzer Board.

Smiley and Patchett both mentioned several books that they felt were worthy of the prize.  At one time of other, we had copies of the mentioned books on our shelves.  And that is probably where they sat for month after month. Great books but not being widely read.

Patchett lamented that wouldn’t it have been great if the media could have reported on something besides “Fifty Shades of Grey” or “The Hunger Games.” Most books don’t get that kind of hype.  “The Pulitzer Prize is our best chance as writers and readers and booksellers to celebrate fiction.  This was the year we all lost.”

We bought a Zoo

April 18, 2012

I brought this DVD home to watch as a possible title to show for a children’s movie @ Blauvelt. Fortunately I watched it first, because this is definitely not a younger children’s film. Common Sense Media rates it appropriate for 12 and up, so I’m thinking it might be more appropriate for teens. It is a bittersweet drama about a father with two children whose wife has died and now must cope with the aftermath of this loss. He decides to move the family to a house in the woods with a lot of acreage, and, you guessed it, a zoo complete with wild animals.

The young actress who plays the daughter is just adorable, and I did enjoy the film. Keep the tissues handy…


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