Public libraries and schools–working together

In the May, 2012, issue of School Library Journal, the results of a recent survey by this journal is analyzed in the article “It Takes Two.”  The first alarming statistic is that only 30% of the respondents to the survey say that their library collaborates with local schools to coordinate book purchases that support the school curriculum; only 9% of public libraries surveyed say they work directly with school librarians and teachers to purchase materials that would help with homework assignments. 

SLJ has been advocating closer ties between school and public libraries.  This is especially important now, they believe, because of the serious budget reductions facing all libraries. Now is the time to join forces.

A great deal of the data collected is broken down in easy -to-read graphs, which makes it simpler to analyze the information and compare results.

One section of the article discussed how public libraries could better service its student population.  Three suggestions:  “savvy staffers, soft furniture and a dedicated separate space” for kids and YA. We are on the right track.

I found this article, read it for a complete picture of the problem, very interesting in view of our efforts here to work with our local schools and trying to align our purchases to support school curriculum and to try to create a welcoming environment for our local students.


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