Closing policy?

I know there used to be a policy posted that we shut down the public access computers ?? minutes before closing. Does that policy still exist? How many minutes before closing? A patron insisted on staying on the internet  when the time read our exact closing time- and even after the closing time. There is no sign at the desk anymore so I wondered if we shuold keep the computers on until 5pm or 9pm?

2 thoughts on “Closing policy?”

  1. Hi Pam,

    I’m sorry you had a difficult patron. The closing policy sign was at the PAC and I moved it to the adult public computers.

    It says that computers will be shut down 5 minutes before closing. The idea is that patrons should not get on the computer within 5 minutes of closing because they will not have enough time to complete their task. We also want to close the building on time which means that patrons should have gathered their things and be out the door at the time of closing. Obviously, if they are on the computer at 9pm they are not out the door at 9pm.

    It is a good idea to let people know 15 minutes to closing that they have 10 more minutes, then again 7 minutes to closing to let them know they have 2 more minutes.

    There is computer software called Envisionware that automatically shuts the computer down. It can also limit a person’s time on the computer to one hour. It can keep adults from using the children’s computer and children from using adult computers. Envisionware also can manage payment for prints and copies. You can turn on whichever of the above functions you want. It is not terribly expensive but it would be a completely different way of doing things.

    Please let me know if any of you experience difficulty at the computers with regards to people not leaving at closing or hogging the computers when others are waiting. We can assess whether or not we need to move to Envisionware.

  2. Hi Maria,
    The patron complained that she wouldn’t have needed to stay on the computers so long if she hadn’t had trouble logging on in the first place. I believe she was referring to the computer “on the left” which goes to a “Cntrl-Alt-Dlt” screen and asks for a password after being in ‘sleep’ mode for a certain amount of time. Of course, one does not need a password to log in at that point, however, she arrived in the building past 8:50 anyway and was vociferous about staying on the computer until her task was complete: about 9:08pm. Perhaps the sign being at the adult computers will be enough to prevent this again as I would have directed her attention to it had it been there.

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