No Impact Man- A documentary worth watching

Louis and I recently watched a documentary about Colin Beavan who wanted to dedicate one year to a special project- to have no impact on the environment while living in Manhattan.  It was absolutely fascinating.  Colin convinced his wife to join him- they vowed to not produce trash, make new purchases, use air conditioning, use public transportation, etc.  They documented the whole thing on camera, on Colin’s blog, and he wrote a book about the experience.

The family shopped only at the local farmer’s market, which meant that they only ate what was in season and they greatly reduced their trash because of the lack of packaging.  They rode their bikes to work and around the city.  They stopped buying new clothes and saved a ton of money.  Six months in, they switched off their electricity and lived by candlelight.  Colin created his own worm box, which they used to compost all their food scraps.

Overall, I think it was absolutely fascinating and it made me realize that there are a few things that I could do that would help the environment without going to the extremes that the Beavan family did for this project.  My first goal is to start composting.

“No Impact Man” is available on Netflix- check it out for some food for thought.

Click here for Colin’s blog.

His efforts also spawned  No Impact Project which focuses on educating and promoting a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

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