Simple Murder by Eleanor Kuhns

A Simple Murder is about a murder in a Shaker community in Maine. Will Rees is a traveling weaver. After his wife’s death, he has left his son with his sister and family on his farm. On returning from a trip, he discovers his son has run away (he’s been terribly mistreated) and is living with the Shakers. On arriving at the Shakers, he is recruited to help solve a murder that has just occurred. He is assisted by Lydia, a former Shaker, and this provides the love interest. Many twists and turns. Interesting look at Shaker life and so nice to read a book with no profanity.



Wonder by R.J. Palacio- juvenile fiction

Started reading this a month ago. It’s number 6 on the NY Times best-seller list for children’s chapter books. The main character is a boy born with severe facial deformities. He has just started attending school after having been homeschooled since birth. The first half of the novel is told from his point of view. Then it switches to his older sister’s viewpoint. So far I like it although it seems like his parents baby him a lot for a 10 year-old. However, I understand they want to protect him from the evils of the world and the hard life he has ahead of him. Will let you know how the second half holds up.

Prometheus: Movie Review

On Sunday night I saw Ridley Scott’s movie Prometheus at the IMAX theater in 3D. It is a prequel to the 1979 Ridley Scott film, Alien. The visuals in Prometheus were spectacular and the acting was very good. Noomi Rapace leads the cast but the movie is stolen by the android David played by Michael Fassbender. Charlize Theron takes a nothing role and gives the character a depth that isn’t really there.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie because of the IMAX experience. However, Prometheus is not in the same league as Alien which is a near perfect film. Noomi Rapace is good in Prometheus but she isn’t given a lot to work with. Noomi’s character, Elizabeth belongs to the new breed of female action figures who have super human skills, brains, and are tough as nails. In comparison, Sigourney Weaver, in her first starring role as Ripley in the movie Alien, is someone you identify with because she is an ordinary person thrust into an extraordinary circumstance. The two movies have very similar endings and it interesting to compare Ripley’s terror at the end of Alien to Elizabeth’s scared, but ultimately calm and controlled demeanor in Prometheus.

If you like science fiction and haven’t seen either movie, I recommend seeing Prometheus first. Prometheus is a good film, but if you watch Alien first you might be disappointed.


Review – Angel with two faces

I decided to try a new mystery series by Nicola Upson that features Josephine Tey as its main protagonist. It sounded good, but unfortunately I got bogged down in all the descriptive details of the English countryside, etc. I would recommend this for someone who enjoys mysteries with a great deal of descriptive setting and characterization. I hate not to finish a book, but I just couldn’t get through it…

Closing policy?

I know there used to be a policy posted that we shut down the public access computers ?? minutes before closing. Does that policy still exist? How many minutes before closing? A patron insisted on staying on the internet  when the time read our exact closing time- and even after the closing time. There is no sign at the desk anymore so I wondered if we shuold keep the computers on until 5pm or 9pm?