Jack Gantos and….


In a very short interview with Jack Gantos in last Sunday’s NYT, he answered several questions about personal tastes– what he was listening to, reading, and watching.  He said that his memoir “Hole in My Life” was recently optioned to be made into a movie.  He has been listening to music of the late sixties and early seventies constructing an imaginary soundtrack for this, yet to be made, film.

In the category of what he has been following, he mentioned a Web site called “Neglected Books.”  The creators of the site have included “neglected, overlooked, forgotten, or stranded by changing tides in critical or popular taste” books.  I browsed the site and skimmed the book lists.  I tried to identify books that I had at least a passing knowledge.  Didn’t score very well.  I guess that is why they are on this site.  Besides lists of books, you can read excerpts, reviews, some authors’ favorites, overlooked gems, etc.  It even featured the covers of two books and gave a brief history of how the covers had evolved through various editions.

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