LearningExpress Library

The e-mail is down, so I’m putting this in a post on the blog.  A patron called today inquiring about what type of SAT prep resources we have available online for her son.  I directed her to LearningExpress Library and explained how to log in to the site and what would be available for her son.  About ten minutes later I got a call back from her son saying that he couldn’t log in.  He kept entering his barcode and the last four digits of his phone number, but he could not log in.  I said I would speak to Maria about it and find out what the problem is and see if we could get it resolved.  Is there another way to log in to LearningExpress?  I have never logged in to it from outside the library, but I thought you were supposed to log in the same way that you log in to our other online resources.

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