More miss than hit

The old saying goes that you are as good as your last book, movie, etc.  Hopefully, this is not the case with J.K.Rowling’s new novel.  The best thing that the NYT’s review of the “The Casual Vacancy,” published on Thursday, noted was that the book was dull.  Since this is Rowling’s first attempt at writing for an adult audience comparisons shouldn’t be made with her Harry Potter series, but, of course, they will be.  “There is no magic in this book.”  The book is filled with “self-absorbed, small-minded, snobbish and judgmental folks, whose stories neither engage nor transport us.”

I remember reading a few months back that the children who read the Potter books are of an age now to read adult books.  I am not sure if that audience is prepared for “The Casual Vacancy.”  Her language is raw; drug addiction and pornography are important elements of the plot. Perhaps she was trying to move as far away from Hogwarths as possible.  Hopefully, the reviewer notes that she will leave this new world far behind in her next effort.

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