Provence adventure

If you are getting tired of the bleak landscape and weather of Rockland County then I strongly recommend Peter Mayle’s latest adventure in Provence “The Marseille Caper.”

Mayle has brought back two characters from his last book “The Vintage Caper.”  Sam Levitt and Francis Reboul were adversaries last time around.  In “The Marseille Caper” Reboul has hired Levitt to represent him in a Marseille real estate deal.  Other colorful characters including a corrupt British tycoon, his arm-candy mistress, a French journalist and a very proper English translator round out a fun cast of characters.

Every chapter is filled with descriptions of either the wonderful, sunny weather of Marseille or the fantastic food of the region.  Mayle really knows this area.  His “Year in Provence,” both the book and the TV series, really caught the flavor of this colorful region of France.

The book is very easy to read and moves along at a good pace.  No murder or mayhem; just a book with enough of a plot to keep you interested set in a warm climate with great scenery and food.

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