Provence adventure

If you are getting tired of the bleak landscape and weather of Rockland County then I strongly recommend Peter Mayle’s latest adventure in Provence “The Marseille Caper.”

Mayle has brought back two characters from his last book “The Vintage Caper.”  Sam Levitt and Francis Reboul were adversaries last time around.  In “The Marseille Caper” Reboul has hired Levitt to represent him in a Marseille real estate deal.  Other colorful characters including a corrupt British tycoon, his arm-candy mistress, a French journalist and a very proper English translator round out a fun cast of characters.

Every chapter is filled with descriptions of either the wonderful, sunny weather of Marseille or the fantastic food of the region.  Mayle really knows this area.  His “Year in Provence,” both the book and the TV series, really caught the flavor of this colorful region of France.

The book is very easy to read and moves along at a good pace.  No murder or mayhem; just a book with enough of a plot to keep you interested set in a warm climate with great scenery and food.

Books to Theater

I displayed a “Books to Theater” display on the bulletin board on the left-hand side of the stairs going down to the Children’s Room. These list children’s shows that are playing currently or in 2013 that are based on books.  I printed out flyers and left multiple copies on the table in the children’s room. There are also extras posted on the bulletin board itself that people can take. The list includes such books currently being presented in theaters as:

Pippi Longstocking (Central Park Marionette Theater), Fancy Nancy (NYC), Angelina Ballerina (Mamaroneck), Clifford the Big Red Dog (Tarrytown), Guess How Much I Love You, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Little Engine that Could, Velveteen Rabbit, Charlotte’s Web, Click Clack Moo, and Going on a Bear Hunt. Shows are being presented in NYC and Westchester.

“Emily and Einstein” by Linda Francis Lee

….Tells the story of Emily Portman, a 30-something woman living in the Dakota on the Upper-West Side of Manhattan with her husband, Sandy Portman. When he is suddenly killed, not only is she left widowed, but she adopts a dog… a dog that turns out to be her husband, Sandy. He has bargained his way into staying alive, however he is now in the body of a dog. Sounds strange, but alternating chapters told in Emily and Sandy’s  (now the dog) voices, describe how he was a ‘dog’ in real life and is now trying to help Emily any way he can in his new form of dog.  It seems Sandy never changed his will to leave Emily the apartment and now her mother-in-law is trying to get her evicted. It seems Sandy was having multiple affairs and was planning to tell Emily he wanted a divorce the night he was killed. It seems Emily’s sister is back in town and wants to write a memoir about their rebellious, feminist mother. Only half-way through the book, but enjoying it so far. Premise sounds silly, but entertaining reading.

Lance Armstrong and Dewey

The Manly Library in Sydney, Australia, has made the decision to move all of its books on Lance Armstrong from nonfiction to fiction where they have judged they belong.  Titles including “Lance Armstrong: Images of a Champion,” “The Lance Armstrong Performance Program, “Lance Armstrong: World’s Greatest Champion” to name a few were changed over to the fiction section last weekend.  It is not known at this point whether other libraries would be following suit.