LARC conference

When I get to hear a speaker at a conference who is so knowledgeable that she makes your head spin, I am extremely thankful.  Sue Bartle was such a presenter.  I know that Pam and Mary Beth also heard her speak, and I think were equally impressed.

Her topic “Rising Stars in Common Core: Nonfiction Resources” offered much to think about.  My only problem, of course, is how to focus on ideas that are doable here in a small public library, but  there were several.

Her brief overview of the intent and importance of Common Core help set the framework of her talk.  Her handouts and the many websites that she discussed need time to visit and review.  Two suggestions that are definitely doable in the near future deal with pairing non-fiction with fiction, which is something I have been wanting to do.    Since we will soon be getting the reading lists from the schools for summer reading, this is perfect opportunity to implement that idea very soon.  The other concept  I really like is her signage idea described as shelf talkers.   We always don’t have enough display space.  The idea of small signs hanging from the shelves is great.  One of the librarians in the audience suggested using DVD cases  instead of having to buy anything additionally.

This was a jammed-packed morning  of ideas and Sue Bartle used her experience and intelligence to really inspire her audience.

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