Women Romantic Poets

As I was working on adding titles currently not in the catalog, I discovered a lecture on the Great Courses series: The Lives and Works of the English Romantic Poets with the above title. So I looked them up, not having been aware of any, since they were never mentioned in my college course on the Romantics or anywhere else that I’ve noticed. According to a chapter titled The Romantic Period by Peter Kitson (a Chair of English at a Scottish university,) in a work edited by Paul Poplawski titled English Literature in Context, one of these female poets is Mary Robinson. Mary was an actress and courtesan as well as a poet, and some of her poems were written in response to Coleridge’s “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” and “Kubla Khan”. I found this information fascinating, as women seem to receive short shrift in being recognized as writers and poets, at least in the 1700’s. I’m not sure if this continues today; I’d like to  think society has progressed in its kudos given to women writers and poets. But when I think of “famous” writers, names like James Patterson come more readily to mind than Janet Evanovitch. Any thoughts?

1 thought on “Women Romantic Poets”

  1. Things have not improved.

    Did you see the article in the NYTimes about American WOMEN novelists in wikipedia?

    You will have to cut and paste the address below or google ny times american women novelists

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