Call the Midwife

This is a PBS series that I’ve started watching and really like. It takes place in London in the early ’50s and has wonderful sets and actors. The story is about young midwives who run a clinic that is overseen by a group of nuns. They don’t pussyfoot around. Last night’s story covered abortion and its unavailability, another covered spina bifida. None of the actors are famous, although I do recognize a face now and then. Season 2 has just started. I think we should consider buying. (Available in a number of RCLS libraries, very popular with long hold lists, and not for interloan yet.)

1 thought on “Call the Midwife”

  1. I have been watching this series since it began last season. I think the attention to period detail is excellent, as well as the acting.

    In the first season, they scripts dealt with the running of the house and the introduction of the characters. The story lines were a bit less serious. The last two episodes were a real learning experience about ideas and attitudes of the time–not that long ago.

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