Helping a Patron

One of my favorite things about being a librarian is how we almost always ( maybe       99.9 %?) of the time find the answer that the patron is looking for, or else “die” trying. A patron came in today to have an item scanned, and Kim tried on the copier downstairs where she’s been able to before, but it wouldn’t work today for whatever reason. I tried upstairs, but when I spoke to Maria she told me it’s not set up to scan, but we’ll soon be able to after the renovation. So I called around until I found a library who could help her, which happened to be Blauvelt, and she was very appreciative. But this is just run of the mill help compared to other stories, like the one I read from a librarian in California who went out of her way for an older gentleman and got quite a story from it. You can read it here. One never really knows the amazing stories from a patron’s life until we have an opportunity to ask…

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