By Robert Crais, this is a book for dog lovers.  It begins with an Army dog being gravely injured while bomb searching in Afghanistan.  Maggie is returned to the U.S. and sent to the LAPD for rehab.  There she is paired with Det. Scott James who has just left rehab and is trying desperately not to fill a desk job.  He would like to stay active and avenge his partner’s death in a robbery gone wrong.  He’s really not a “dog man” but is passed along to the canine unit as a possible trainee/trainer.

First, Maggie must learn to tolerate explosive noises and overcome her PTSD and her longing for her former master.  And Scott must learn to earn her loyalty and love, involving using some sweet, high voices he’s not too comfortable with, and unsanctioned baloney bits.  The story switches from man to dog and back in the telling.  Will they ever become a “pack,” as Maggie describes the relationship?

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