Philip Goes Forth

Yesterday I saw this play at the Mint Theater which specializes in reviving “forgotten” plays.  This one was by George Kelly (of the Philadelphia Kellys – he was the uncle of Grace Kelly) who wrote about a dozen plays during the 1930s and 40s.  It tells the coming of age story of Philip, who has been working in the family business.  He wants to go to New York and write plays, much to his father’s disappointment.  He ends up in a rooming house with other young fame seekers.  It doesn’t quite pan out for him but has a happy ending.

Great scenery, directing, acting.  We went to a local diner afterward, and the actor who played the father sat down in the booth next to us.  None of us had the nerve to tell him how much we had enjoyed the play!

New York is still attracting young hopefuls and always will.  So the play is really not dated at all.

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