The Pregnancy Project: A Memoir- Gaby Rodriguez

I recently ordered some new nonfiction titles for the YA section and I chose “The Pregnancy Project; A Memoir” by Gaby Rodriguez because the story sounded fascinating. Gaby grew up as the child of a teen mom. Gaby’s sisters were all teen mother’s and most of her brother’s got their girlfriends pregnant in high school. Gaby was told over and over again that she would end up being a teen mom because of her family history. Gaby decided that because she was being stereotyped because of her family, she would do her senior project on stereotypes. She decided to live down to the stereotypes and what people said about her and she would fake a teen pregnancy.

This book chronicles her family history, the hatching of her plot to fake her pregnancy, the pains and trials she went through as a pregnant teenager, the revelation of her fake pregnancy,  and the aftermath of her project.  It was a fascinating read and I wished it had delved even more into what she went through on a daily basis because it would be an even better tool to discussing teen pregnancy with teens.

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