Jack Reacher is back

Well Jack Reacher fans, he’s back.  In the 18th novel in this series, not counting the three e-book singles, Lee Child has Reacher on the run again.  On Saturday a patron came in to ask when we were getting this newest novel and was thrilled to know that I could reserve a copy for him that will be available on September 3rd.

In a review in Friday’s NYT, Janet Maslin raved about “Never Go Back.”  I must admit I have never read any in the series.  I did, however, see the DVD with Tom Cruise portraying Reacher.  In this case, I think, the books must be better than that movie because Child has such a loyal,avid following.

Being very unfamiliar with Reacher, I laughed as Maslin offers this quote from the book.  “An extreme mesomorph physique, with a six-pack like a cobbled city street, and a chest like a suite of N.F.L. armor, and biceps like basketballs, and subcutaneous fat like a Kleenex tissue.”

Reacher misfortunes are never ending and this newest title is no exception.  He now faces two enormous problems:  he is facing a homicide charge and a paternity suit.  In addition, Maj. Susan Turner, the woman who replaced Reacher in his old job, reenters his life.

For Reacher addicts, Maslin states that there are a few points that can be nitpicked, but readers will be rewarded with the least mechanistic book in the series and an exceptionally well plotted adventure.


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