New Children series title

I just took a quick peak at one of the books I entered tonight: Fly Guy Presents: Space by Tedd Arnold. It looks like a winner, especially since it’s from the Fly Guy series, which is hugely popular. The boys absolutely love this easy reader series; SLJ recommends for K – 2nd graders. I’m so happy to see Arnold take on the realm of non-fiction, especially with the advent of Common Core. The other book so far in the series, Fly Guy Presents: Sharks, is sure to be a hit also.

How does she do that?

This morning I discharged some books and DVDs that had a circulation date of today, 8/27.  About half an hour later a patron (not from Palisades) came for one of them.  It had a shelf life of about 5 minutes.  How does she do that?  Is there a “watch list” like Ebay has?  I’m beginning to admire her, instead of wishing a Palisades patron had first crack at it!

The Pregnancy Project: A Memoir- Gaby Rodriguez

I recently ordered some new nonfiction titles for the YA section and I chose “The Pregnancy Project; A Memoir” by Gaby Rodriguez because the story sounded fascinating. Gaby grew up as the child of a teen mom. Gaby’s sisters were all teen mother’s and most of her brother’s got their girlfriends pregnant in high school. Gaby was told over and over again that she would end up being a teen mom because of her family history. Gaby decided that because she was being stereotyped because of her family, she would do her senior project on stereotypes. She decided to live down to the stereotypes and what people said about her and she would fake a teen pregnancy.

This book chronicles her family history, the hatching of her plot to fake her pregnancy, the pains and trials she went through as a pregnant teenager, the revelation of her fake pregnancy,  and the aftermath of her project.  It was a fascinating read and I wished it had delved even more into what she went through on a daily basis because it would be an even better tool to discussing teen pregnancy with teens.

Philip Goes Forth

Yesterday I saw this play at the Mint Theater which specializes in reviving “forgotten” plays.  This one was by George Kelly (of the Philadelphia Kellys – he was the uncle of Grace Kelly) who wrote about a dozen plays during the 1930s and 40s.  It tells the coming of age story of Philip, who has been working in the family business.  He wants to go to New York and write plays, much to his father’s disappointment.  He ends up in a rooming house with other young fame seekers.  It doesn’t quite pan out for him but has a happy ending.

Great scenery, directing, acting.  We went to a local diner afterward, and the actor who played the father sat down in the booth next to us.  None of us had the nerve to tell him how much we had enjoyed the play!

New York is still attracting young hopefuls and always will.  So the play is really not dated at all.

The Heist by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

The Heist by Evanovich and Goldberg proves that these two writers are an excellent duo that can produce a well-thought out and fun read. Goldberg is the author of the novelization of the Monk mystery series, while Evanvoich is the author of the well-known Stephanie Plum series. Kate O’Hare is an FBI agent hunting down Nick Fox, a high-profile con man. O’Hare catches her man, but Fox convinces the head of the FBI that he will bring in bigger con men in exchange for his freedom. Kate becomes Nick’s handler and they set out to capture Griffin, an investment banker who swindled investors out of $500 million dollars.  Kate and Nick and their crew travel all over the world and perform several elaborate cons to get their man.

Overall, this was a highly entertaining read. Evanvoich’s sense of humor is evident, but Goldberg’s attention to detail really fleshes out the story and keeps you turning the pages.