“The Cube”

Recently we received an email from Dan Hulse at RCLS announcing that the Cube was coming.  Truthfully, I thought it was a new electronic device.  Since I didn’t have the time to read his message, I skipped over it.

Last Saturday my husband told me he was off to the Nyack Library to do something regarding local Nyack history.  After he got back I asked how it went.   He explained that he and a friend were interviewed in the Cube.  It turns out that the Cube is a physical space and not a new electronic device.  It is a 10 foot stainless steel cube which can be assembled and then disassembled and transported to various sites.

Sponsored by the “Sound and Story Project,” the purpose of this project is to collect the stories of everyday people throughout the Hudson Valley.  Arthur was asked questions by a professional interviewer about his experiences in Nyack when the Journal News was based on Hudson Street.  His friend, a native Nyacker, told stories about growing up there.

The Cube is on the move to another library in the Hudson Valley.  All the stories collected will be archieved.  They will be available as a new app and online in January.

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