Academy Award films

I have set up a display of recent, as well as, older Academy Award winning films in the Best Picture category.  Currently, we have three 2014 nominated films in this category:  “Captain Phillips,” “Gravity,” and “Nebraska.”  Next week we will add “Dallas Buyers Club,” and “12 Years a Slave.”

Recently, I saw “All Is Lost” starring Robert Redford.  According to many critics, Redford gave the performance of his career.  I agree.  Set in the Indian Ocean, Redford plays “The Man.”  Sailing by himself, his sail boat is damaged, and he must somehow get to land.  Redford is the only character in this film, and there is really no dialogue.  This does not seem to be a winning combination, but it truly is.  The acting and direction, J.C. Chandor directed,  are superb, although neither Chandor or Redford received Academy Award nominations.  Redford did received the New York Film critics award for best actor.  If you get a chance, definitely see this movie.

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