“Founding Ladies”


“Founding Mothers: Remembering the Ladies”

6 Mar

In 2004, award-winning journalist, Cokie Roberts wrote “Founding Mothers:  The Women Who Raised Our Nation.”  Recently, she published an adapted version for children ages 8-12.  In “Founding Mothers:  Remembering the Ladies,” Roberts presents the lives of colonial women who helped shape our history but are not often found in traditional history books.

“Remembering the Ladies” is a request that Abigail Adams put to her husband John.  One of the reasons why women are often neglected  in writing about that period is that there is a shortage of primary source material.  Women weren’t considered important and their diaries and letters were discarded or just forgotten about.

Most of the women Roberts writes about in her book have no name recognition.  For example, Esther DeBerdt Reed of Pennsylvania, who raised more than $300,000 for clothing for Revolutionary War soldiers.  Deborah Reed Franklin ran the U.S. Postal Service and Elizabeth L. Pinckney managed three plantations in S.C.  Often these women inherited jobs from their husbands and fathers who were busy fighting or serving in the government.

Well researched and colorfully illustrated by Diane Goode, “Founding Mothers:  Remembering the Ladies” is a good resource for research about the Revolutionary War period as well as a good read about some unsung heroes on that time.

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