“Divorce Papers: A Novel” by Susan Rieger

The story of Mia and Dr. Daniel Durkheim. A couple married 17 years living in a fictional (Rhode Island?) town. Out of the blue, Daniel asks Mia for a divorce and the war begins. They have an 11-year old daughter as well. He works as a well-respected pediatric oncologist. She gave up her career to be the primary caregiver and raise their daughter.

The book is completely told in e-mails, letters, law documents, memos and notes. Sophie is the young attorney Mia engages to represent her and she is another storyline in itself. Sophie is a criminal attorney, but is asked by her firm to take on this case despite her protests. The acrimony affects her and brings up memories of her own parents’ separation when she was a child. Seems it could have been edited down a bit and not sure how realistic or wishful thinking the plot really is. Ok, not great.


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