Family Book Clubs


  9780385754323_p0_v2_s260x420  Recently, I have read several articles in newspapers and magazines that mention an upswing in the number of book clubs that are being formed around the country.  In a column written by Elizabeth Khuri Chandler, a cofounder of the literary social network, she suggestions a family book club.  “Many kids feel more motivated to read when they have someone to chat with about their books,” she said.  Chandler suggests three titles that she feels lend themselves to opportunities for good discussions about the challenges the characters face in the novel.

1.)” Wonder” by P.J.Palacio is about a fifth grader with a facial deformity.  He is about to begin a mainstreaming school for the first time in his life.

2.)  “Howl’s Moving Castle” by Diana Wynne Jones is a fantasy about a young girl trying to break a magic curse.  Hayao Miyazaki made an animated film based on the novel.  Watching the movie after reading the book is a very appealing inducement to many kids.

3.) “Number the Stars” by Lois Lowry is set in Denmark during WW II.  It is based on efforts by the Danish people to smuggle 70,000 Jews out of the country.  It is a gripping story besides being a lesson in history.

Many parents read to their children at bed time.  This idea of a family book club could be an extension of that activity.

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