Ashfall by Mike Mullen

Ashfall by Mike Mullen
Ashfall by Mike Mullen


In Ashfall by Mike Mullen, Alex is left  behind in Iowa for the weekend when his parents and younger sister head to Warren, Illinois for a visit. Alex is happy to be left on his own until the super volcano under Yellowstone erupts and sends the whole world into chaos. After his home is destroyed, Alex decides to head into the ashfall aftermath to find his family. The journey is becomes increasingly dangerous as food and supplies run low and the the worst side of humanity begins to show its face.

I would recommend this book for older teens– probably 15 and up. The story is detailed and can be a bit gory because of the realism the author strives to maintain. It’s not a book for the teen reader who wants light, fun fiction because this is a story that could actually happen.

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