A Girl Called Fearless

Fearless A Girl Called Fearless by Catherine Linka is a captivating and suspenseful novel for teens. Avie Reveare lives a privileged, but sheltered and strictly regulated life in L.A.  Ten years ago millions of U.S. women were killed by a synthetic hormone in beef that caused aggressive, untreatable cancers. Now young girls are raised and educated to be wives and mothers. Their lives are strictly controlled by their fathers because a marriage contract with an untouched daughter is worth thousands, if not millions of dollars. Avie is set to marry a perverted man obsessed with making her over into his mother. With the help of her friend, Yates, she plans to run away to escape the arranged marriage and takes refuge in a type of underground railroad that spirits young girls out of the country to safety in Canada. Avie ends up becoming a revolutionary- a fight that she never thought she would end up playing.

This novel was suspenseful and I couldn’t put it down. I felt outraged that Avie was being treated the way she was and even more outraged that this actually happens in today’s world- young woman all over the world are sold to men via arranged marriage to pay off family debts, for power, etc. This book took a timely issue and really brought it into a first world context for teen readers.

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