2 Autumns, 3 Winters


According to the DVD jacket “Two Autumns, 3 Winters” is described as a “quirky French indie.”  And that it is.  Arman is 33, living in Paris, and seeking a change in his life.  He meets Amelie while jogging in the park.  They literally run into each other, but that is the extent of their meeting.  For weeks afterward, Arman jogs in the park hoping to meet her again.  No luck.

Several months later he is on his way home after spending some time with his friend Benjamin, when he hears a woman’s cry for help.  You guessed it it is Amelia.  The men attacking Amelia, turn on Arman and attack him.  He is rushed to the hospital with a very serious knife wound.  Amelia visits him and a relationship begins.  Benjamin, his very healthy friend, suddenly suffers a stroke and finds himself in the same hospital as Arman.  In the hospital Benjamin meets and begins a relationship with his physical therapist.

The idea of unexpected accidents causing life changing events works in this film aided by the cinematic device of the actors speaking directly to the camera.  Vincent Macagine as the hapless Arman is quite good.  Although the description of “Two Autumns, 3 Winters”  as a romantic comedy is a bit of a stretch, it is a very French approach to how relationships work.

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