Expendables 3

Last night Dennis and I went to the Expendables 3 in Closter. While I wouldn’t exactly recommend it, it was fun to watch.

The plot is a bunch of mercenaries led by Stallone (I think they are working for the CIA) are trying to find a load of bombs to be sent to Somalia. To their surprise, the bomb owner turns out to be Stonebanks (Mel Gibson) who had originally started the Expendables. Everyone thought was dead. The fight doesn’t go well and they are forced to retreat without the bombs.

This leads Stalone to kiss off the original gang (but lovingly) and recruit a younger gang for the job. Obviously to get the job done, the old gang has to rejoin them. Gibson was to be tried at the Hague but Stallone kills him instead saying “I am the Hague.”

Real cornball stuff but these old guys (Stallone, Gibson, Statham, Snipes, Grammer, Schwartzenegger, Ford, and comic relief  Bandares) are having a ball making the movie. As a guess I’d say there were two to three hundreds dead bodies by the time the movie ended.

 The Expendables 3 (2014) Poster

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