“Masters of Sex”

Wow, definitely not for the kiddies. I just finished watching Season One of “Masters of Sex.” Even though the subject matter of the series is pretty obvious, I was still amazed at the amount of nudity and detailed sex scenes displayed in a television series.

This series is based on a study undertaken by Dr. William Masters and his research assistant, Virginia Johnson, during the late fifties and early sixties at the University of St. Louis. The look of the series, houses, cars, and especially the clothing, is very true to the period. This really helps to get the viewer into the plot. Michael Sheen as Masters, Lizzy Caplan, as Johnson and Caitlin Fitzgerald as Masters’ wife really get into their roles. Allison Janney, one of my favorite actresses, does an exceptional job of playing the naive university president’s wife.

Television series have come a long way from what was offered ten to twenty years ago. Even “Sex and the City,” which was very open about a the lifestyles of the woman portrayed, pales into comparison to the frankness of “Masters of Sex.”

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