“Words and Pictures”


2949000983785_p0_v1_s114x166 The basic theme of this DVD is the age-old battle between which is more important words or pictures.  Clive Owen is the word guy; Juliette Binoche the painter.  The film is set in a very posh private high school in Maine; the movie was actually filmed in Vancouver.  Clive Owens’ character is well-known author and a very well-liked English teacher, who is constantly challenging his fellow teachers with word games.  Juliette Binoche is a new faculty member, who is quite famous in her field.

Each of the characters faces challenges in his/her life.  Jack, Owens’ character, is an alcoholic in denial.  Dina is suffering from RA.  It is inevitable, of course, that a relationship will develop between the two and also inevitable that a major problem will cause a rift in this relationship.

The scenes between the students and the teachers help develop the battle between words and pictures, which ends with a raucous assembly which each side defends its point of view.

Although the plot doesn’t hold any surprises, “Words and Pictures” is enjoyable.  An interesting fact is that the paintings that Dina works on in the movie are actually the works of Juliette Binoche.

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