Woody Allen


If you like Woody Allen or are a real fan of his work, I recommend two new DVDs that we just added to our collection.

“Paris-Manhattan” is set in Paris; the Manhattan part of the title references Woody Allen’s movie “Manhattan.”  Alice Taglioni plays a young woman who eventually takes over her father’s pharmacy.  Everything problem in life, in her opinion, can be solved by watching a Woody Allen movie.  To say she is obsessed with him and his movies is putting it mildly.  When she talks to him, the voice of Allen responds.  Eventually, she even gets to meet him.  This is a light-hearted romantic farce that is easy viewing.

“Fading Gigolo” written, directed, and starring John Turturro is set in NYC.  Turturro is a middle-aged man who works part-time as a florist.  His good friend played by Woody Allen recently had to close his book store.  Both men need additional income.  Allen and Turturro eventually become business partners.  The business they create is setting up Turturro as a gigolo.  The banter between Turturro and Allen is very funny, but also very New York.  When a Hasidic woman and the her community in Williamsburg become part of the plot, Allen is eventually arrested by the local Hasidic police force and must account for himself before a religious court.  Included in the cast are Sharon Stone, Sofia Vergera, and Liev Schreiber who all do justice to their roles.

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