Halloween is coming



These three new additions to our JP Halloween collection offer something for everyone.

“The Monsterator” by Keith Graves tells the story of Master Edgar Dreadbury who found Halloween a bore.  The whole idea of picking out a costume was a miserable chore. At his favorite costume shop, he finds no costumes or masks on the shelf.  Instead, he finds a machine called the Monsterator.  After inserting a coin in the slot, Edgar is, of course, changed into the most gruesome, scary monster ever.  Edgar enjoys Halloween scaring everyone in sight.  However, when it is time to reverse the spell, the Monsterator is no where to be found.  Alas, Edgar must live out his days as a monster, which doesn’t bother him at all.  An added feature to the “The Monsterator” is a flip book of hideous bodies that can turn Edgar into 625 different kind of monsters.

“Shivery Shade of Halloween” by Mary McKenna Siddals is a spooky book of colors.  The author goes through a spectrum of colors associated with Halloween.  Each color is illustrated by someone or something in that color accompanied by a brief rhyming text describing that color’s connection to Halloween.  This would be a good choice for toddlers.

Ladybug Girl is back with “Ladybug Girl and the Dress-Up Dilemma.”  Ladybug Girl’s brother, suggests to his sister that instead of being a ladybug for Halloween she tires to another costume.  Ladybug Girl, AKA as Lulu, tries to create a series of costumes but none seem right to her or just silly to her brother.  Of course, in the end Lulu realizes that her costume had to be a ladybug because that is who she is.  Ladybug Girl fans will like this newest addition to the series by David Soman

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