Children and Loss



Adults sometimes are looking for a simple story to explain to a child the concept of death.  Recently, we have added to our collection three JP books that would be helpful to adults and children.  “When Aunt Mattie Got Her Wings” and “Rafa Was My Robot” are two such titles.  The third title is “Forget Me Not,” which is not technically a book about death, but it does deal with loss.  The grandmother in the story is slowly losing her memory.

The preface to “Rafa Was My Robot” written by Alexandra Dellevoet explains why she wrote this book.  She personally researched children’s books on the subject of loss and found very few options available to people who are dealing with children who have lost a loved one–robot, pet, friend or family.

Her story deals with a young boy who loved his robot; they went everywhere together.  One day, Rafa didn’t feel well.  The doctor told Jacob that his robot was running out of juice–meaning he was getting old.  Jacob travels far and wide to try to find “juice” to recharge Rafa.  Eventually, the robot dies and Jacob finds ways to heal his broken heart.

Vividly illustrated using bright, big cartoon-like drawings, “Rafa Was My Robot” could be a useful resource for parents and children suffering from loss.



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