“The Heist”

On my third try, I finally got into Daniel Silva’s “The Heist.”  Gabriel Allon, art restorer and Israeli spy, once again is on the hunt for the bad guys of the world.  “The Heist” moves from country to country throughout Europe and the Middle East.  Along the way the reader learns about art restoration and lost, “stolen,” art works, especially Caravaggio’s “Nativity with St. Francis and St. Lawrence.

This is the seventeenth novel by Silva featuring Allon and his colleagues in Israeli intelligence.  This time they are tracking stolen art that is sold for enormous amounts of cash, which makes its way into corrupt hands.  In this case, the Syrian government is reaping the gains and using the money to keep the Assad regime in power.

Like many other espionage-based plots, the story is complex, but fast moving.  Allon is passionate about art, and dedicated to his mission to rid the world of evil leaders.

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