“Relish: My Life in the Kitchen”

Relish: My Life in the Kitchen  by Lucy Knisley is a YA graphic novel/memoir. Knisley grew up the only daughter of 2 “foodie” parents. Her full-color memoir describes life eating non-traditional foods at a young age and growing up around people who revered the culture and creation of food. Her mother was a chef and her father an appreciator of fine food. She describes her culinary awakenings to taquitas in Mexico at age 12, her introduction to the perfect croissants in Venice in her young 20’s, working in a gourmet cheese shop in her college years and helping her mother at the farmer’s market and catering events as a child and teenager. Included are fully illustrated recipes, humor, and a description of a person’s vast appreciation of food- be it a gourmet meal or McDonalds. I saw the author’s recent wedding announcement in the NY Times.

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