Choose your own autobiography

Neil Patrick Harris writes a book about his career that covers his life but lets you skip forward or backward, if you choose. For example, while writing about Doogie Howser he says *If you would like to put the Doogie period behind you, turn to page 67.

The book is such a fast read you don’t need to follow his jokes unless you want the full effect. Of choosing. He has had a pretty full life for being only early 40 something. Doogie started when he was in high school and brought fame and money. And how he got that first job was one of those flukes with somebody knowing somebody. Then came that awkward period when he couldn’t find work except for TV movies.

He finds another series, “How I Met Your Mother,” and is off on another good run. He struggles with his homosexuality and is surprised coming out ‘totally’ produces no major angst.  He falls in love with an actor/dancer, David Burtka,  and all goes well. They adopt twins and Harris’ career can’t get much better but it does when he hits Broadway with “Hedwig” and  hosting Tonys and Oscars. He’s a thankful guy who has worked hard and appreciates hard work. He has friends in high places (Elton John!) but his joy is being married and a father. That comes through loud and clear.

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