“Nest” by Esther Ehrlich

Nest This is a middle-grade fiction novel that takes place on Cape Cod in the 1970’s. “Chirp” is the 11 year-old main character narrating the story. Her mother, a dancer, gets diagnosed with MS and falls into a deep depression for which she is institutionalized. Chirp and her older sister miss her terribly and rejoice when she returns home. However, their mother is not better and has not returned to her old self. Chirp’s neighbor, Joey, comes from a tough household, too, with an abusive father and tough older brothers. Chirp and Joey become friends and are able to help soften the tough times for each other, but Chirp’s mother does not recover. References to the ’70’s and Jewish culture enrich the story. It is a slow-moving, sad story that will touch the heart of those readers who stick with it.

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