This is a seven novel series by Diana Gabaldon that combines romance, historical fiction and fantasy. I may be giving it short shrift but I think it will be heavy on romance. I liked the characters at the beginning. Claire and Frank Randall are united after a separation by WW II. They are in Scotland so Frank can do some research on his family history. Claire has gone hiking and looking for medicinal plants (she is a nurse) and is near a stone cropping (Craigh Na Dun)  when she hears a buzzing noise, and while touching one of the stones, faints. She wakes up in the world of Scottish castles and clans. Sort of believable fantasy so far – but it began to lose me when she is abducted (by the ancestor Frank is searching for!) and saved by the Clan MacKenzie and spirited off to Castle Leoch and accused of being a spy.

About here the intrigue got a little too “fantasy” for me, with clan feuds and rescues that put me in mind of the Robin Hood pictures of my childhood. And the romance theme started kicking in hot and heavy. So I probably won’t finish the series.

I think readers who like romance novels and historical fiction would love this author.

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