“Blood of Olympus”


9781423155140_p0_v9_s114x166  The fifth, and final book, in Rick Riordan’s series “Blood of Olympus” received rave reviews from my nine-year old granddaughter.  An avid fan of Riordan’s books, she was eagerly waiting for this final installment.  I promised her I would bring her a copy when I visited her and her family in their new home in Germany.  As luck would have it, the airline misplaced the bag containing the book.  Finally, two days after I arrived, the suitcase appeared.  Ten minutes after I gave her the book, I found her in her bed deeply immersed in the plot.  As we traveled through southern Bavaria, she read in the car, she read in hotel rooms; she could not put it down.  Finally, four days later, she gave a triumphal cry.  Great book she told me.

The book is now making the rounds at Grafenwoehr Elementary School to the delight of her fellow fourth graders.

She promised that she would send me a written review very soon.

One Response to ““Blood of Olympus””

  1. marybeth Says:

    Great post, Lillian! It’s so good to have a young reader’s perspective on a new book.

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