From Harry Potter to Cormoran Strike


9780316206877_p0_v19_s114x166  Robert Galbraith, also know as J.K.Rowling, has created a very interesting character for her mystery series. In the second novel, “The Silkworm,” the reader again meets Cormoran Strike, a British veteran who lost part of his leg in Afghanistan.  He is the illegitimate son of a British rock star and has very little, if any, contact with his biological father.  He struggles to keep his private detective agency afloat mainly by investigating divorce cases

In the first novel “The Cuckoo’s Calling,” Cormoran proved that the police had were wrong in calling the death of a young woman a suicide.  This gained him name recognition by the British public, but bad feelings in the British police department.

In “The Silkworm,” Cormoran is asked to investigate the disappearance of Owen Quinn, a novelist who had just complete a lurid book using thinly disguised descriptions of famous people in the publishing field.  After Quinn’s body is found brutally murdered, the police arrest Quinn’s wife.  Strike and his assistant/secretary, Robin, try once again to prove that the police have gotten it wrong.

Galbraith/Rowling’s intricate plot revolves around several characters, who all seem to have a motive for killing Quinn.  Strike is a strong character who is a risk-taker.  He is convinced that Mrs. Quinn did not kill her husband when everyone else does.  His efforts to prove her innocence creates a fast-paced interesting mystery.

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