“Big Little Lies”


On the heels of her #1 New York Times best seller, “The Husband’s Secret,” Liane Moriarty has written another novel very similar in characters and setting.  “Big Little Lies” is set in Australia on the Pirriwee Peninsula and deals with the lives of three very different women and their children.

Jane is a single mom whose one-night stand resulted in the birth of her son Ziggy.  Jane has recently moved to Pirriwee for reasons we only learn at the end of the story.  Beautiful Celeste is married to handsome and rich Perry.  They live in a fantastic house on the beach and have twin sons.  Their life seems too perfect, and it isn’t.    Madeline is married to Ed and they have two children, a boy and a girl.  She was formerly married to Nathan who left her when their child Abigail was born.  Nathan is now remarried to Bonnie and they have a 5 year-old daughter.  Round out this cast of characters with a group of helicopter moms and you have a group of very needy parents.

As in “The Husband’s Secret,” Moriarty slowly develops her plot and in each succeeding chapter, adds more and more character development until everyone’s secrets and lies are revealed.

Although at times this novel is a gossipy story of competing women, there are some very serious overtones that are crucial to the plot.  Moriarty has hit upon a winning formula, and I am sure will continue to write about mothers, their children, and  the hidden problems of their lives.

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