Edith Pearlman a success at 78


After five decades of writing short stories, Edith Pearlman’s newest collection entitled “Honeydew” was published today, January 6, by Little, Brown.  After marrying her husband in 1967, Pearlman said she found a private space in the furnace room of their home where it was quiet and warm.  Her first story was published in 1969, but is wasn’t until 1996 that her first book appeared.  Her literary agent, hired in the early 1990s, tried to sell her work for years.  Eventually, her stories were published by small publishers.

In 2011, Ms. Pearlman received major recognition when her collection entitled “Binocular Visions” became the first book ever to be a finalist for the national Book Award, the Story Prize, The Los Angeles Times Book Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award, which she won.

“Honeydew” received a very good review in the “New York Times Book Review”-January 4, 2015.  Laura van den Berg, the reviewer, points out the difficulties of writing short stories.  “We write in a culture that favors the heft of a novel.  Better still if the novel in question is large enough to be wielded interchangeably as a doorstop and a weapon.  To commit oneself wholly to the short story, as Edith Pearlman has done, suggests not only a gift for exploding the boundaries of the form, but something of a contrarian spirit.”  Van den Berg goes on to say that “Honeydew” will put Edith Pearlman at the forefront of short story writers


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