Paddington Bear


Paddington Bear is back.  Michael Bond, now 88, has written 15 Paddington adventures.  The first one, “A Bear Called Paddington, was written in 1958  Although not as popular as they are in Britain, hopeful the new movie, opening on Friday, January 16, will generate a new or renewed interest in this adventurous, loveable bear.

Although most children will not make a political connection, Paddington is an illegal immigrant, whose looks are different from those around him.  He encounters hostility, rudeness and indifference.  Great Britain, as well as other countries throughout Europe, are seeing increased hostility toward immigrants.  Perhaps the adult population will have something to learn from this small, hairy creature.

We have two Paddington books in our collection:  9780061947711_p0_v1_s114x166 “Paddington: Here and Now” and “Paddington at Large.”  Unfortunately, neither has circulated.  Perhaps the movie will inspire young readers to learn more about Paddington.  Both books are displayed above the juvenile magazines in the Children’s Room.

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