Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline

orphan2Last year this author gave a talk sponsored by the 5 SOCSD libraries. The book has consistently been on the best-seller list and is a popular book club read.

There are two stories. The modern story is about Molly, a teenage girl whose father is dead and her mother is in prison. She lives with foster parents that are neither terrible or great. Molly gets into trouble and must perform community service. That is when she meets Vivian, a 90+ year old who needs help cleaning out and organizing her attic.

The second story is Vivian’s and her life as a child arriving from Ireland, living in the New York tenements, and being orphaned by a fire. Vivian is placed on a train and sent west where she has many troubling and touching adventures.

I could have done without Molly’s story. It was a literary device that was unnecessary and Molly’s storyline can best be described as “cheesy.” Overall, it was an enjoyable read.

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