“Outlandish” new juvenile titles

Philip Stead can always be counted on to create an enjoyable juvenile picture book.  The newest by this Caldecott winning author is “Special Delivery.”   The main character, Sadie, wants to send her lonely Great-Aunt Josephine a gift–an elephant.  Dismayed by high postage rates, she decides to deliver the elephant herself.  Using a variety of transportation means–airplane, train, and an ice cream truck, Sadie accomplishes her mission.  This is an outlandish story filled with adventure and determination.  This story will definitely appeal to the four and up crowd.9781596439313_p0_v1_s114x166

Another outlandish tale is Elise Primavera’s “Ms. Rapscott’s Girls.”  With magical abilities, similar to Mary Poppins, Ms. Rapscott is the Headmistress of the Great Rapscott School for Girls of Busy Parents.  Included in the admissions materials is a self-addressed box in order to safely mail girls to the campus because parents are very busy.

Five girls are admitted to the school and are transported magically through the air to the lighthouse that houses Ms. Rapscott’s school.  The trip transporting the girls is only the beginning of a series of adventures.  Geared to readers ages eight to twelve, this may or may not be a hit with this age group.  9780803738225_p0_v2_s260x420

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